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I wish I had real friends

It takes more than admiration and common interests to hold friendship together. There is nothing wrong with having an army but what you really need is a Jonathan who would fight to let you have the crown, if God chooses your head over theirs.

Distinguish between those who come around you for what you have and those who might not be exactly sure why they stick around even when it costs them, because true friendship is expensive. She messed up? I messed up too... He is king? I am king too...

No longer pick friends by the colour of their lipstick or what they drive but by the colour of their soul and what drives them. The power in two souls knit together is the kind of power that could give life and speed to your dream if you nurture it with love, commitment, forgiveness and loyalty.

You will only meet people on the path you are walking on. So as you pray for godly friends, commit to God. Change the path you are walking on. Hate betrayal. Choose love. Embrace forgiveness. Then be committed to God's plan for your life (purpose). They are already around the corner.

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