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Can I really walk with God? A note to new believers.

Walking with God is not supposed to be a chore if you really understand how to respond to what Christ has already done for you on the cross. This is the foundation and pillar for a solid relationship with God. Here are some answers to popular questions from new believers; No, it does not take 10years to break out of bad habits. It only takes you differentiating who you were in yourself, from who you are now in Christ.

Therefore... no, there are no 20 steps to getting free from addiction.

No. There is "no ideal you". Actually, you no longer exist. You can never try to make a dead man better. The only person alive in you is Christ. Get to know who He is and His plan for choosing to live in your body. That is what it means to give your life to Christ.

Yes, you can learn to love to pray and pray for hours if you want to. Get to know the Holy Spirit and desire a prayer language (tongues). Prayer does not only change things, it changes you.

No, you do not love people because you have to. You love people because it is in you to love.The Person alive in You is called Love. No, you do not do right because it is in the 10commandments. You do right because you are righteous. The Person alive in you is righteous. He enables you do right all the time if you let Him. He loves you. If He forces you to do right, then it would no longer be love.

After giving your life to Christ, your goal everyday as you practice the discipline of setting aside time to read your bible and pray... is to grow in your knowledge of the Person inside you, Jesus Christ.

Finally, No. It is practically impossible to do anything mentioned above effectively on your own. You might have already tried and felt exhausted or bored.God knew you would need help and so he gave you a helper, the Holy Spirit. He is assigned to reveal Jesus to you, and help you understand your new identity in Him. He will even teach you in ways that are more practical for you.

Today, realize that you have a helper with you.

So yes, you can walk with God if you allow Him walk with you.

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