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Somehow... I felt He shot all the portals of heaven on me. He obviously did not but none of my usual songs were working during my quiet time... my fasting and praying seemed stale and I was fighting frustration spiritually. I have always loved God and wanted to dig deeper into Him but now I felt He might have had enough of me. Was it sin? Did I do anything wrong? He finally responded "No". He told me He wanted to bring me into a place where He is the one seeking me, where He is driving the relationship and I just had to stop. I was excited about this and asked Him when we could commence the new program. He told me I had to go and get other people. He said, "Gather the prophets".

Two years later, Drenched was birth. Drenched is a time of spirit led worship. At Drenched, God seeks us. He encounters us. Our focus is on His love for us and we take the time to totally hand Him the key to our minds; to birth His plan for humanity through us. All these happen in the place of worship and waiting on the Holy Spirit.



I look forward to Drenched like I am not the convener, even if in reality I am, because of the story behind it. It is a God initiative. It is being in the right position to refocus your heart and tune your spirit to the frequency of heaven. We believe God is raising an unusual people to cause a change in all sectors of Nigeria's economy and the economy of the world. 


At Drenched we take time in the spirit to be empowered for mantles of influence because we believe in God's eternal plan; the plan of redemption through the manifestation of the sons of God.




A few things God has assured me of through our meetings are;



Clarity of purpose and direction for our lives.


Empowerment to live in purpose.



Revival of our passion for His Kingdom and righteousness.



Unity of the body of Christ (cutting across denominational boundaries).



Healing of all kinds.



National Transformation and International impact.



A stir up of spiritual gifts and diverse workings of the Holy Spirit through us to our spheres of influence.

We currently meet every last Saturday of the month 4 pm at D/Line, Port Harcourt. Anyone with a heart that resonates with this passion is open to join us.

Please follow our social media handles to stay updated;

Instagram @drenchedworshipministry

Facebook page: Drenched Worship Ministry

For further information please call : +2348185950817; +2348147764551

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